Flat Rate Towing

Flat Rate Towing

It’s almost impossible to run a company on volume alone. We have had many companies come to us and promise us 100’s of call a week if we are willing to do them for a ridiculously low price, and they always say you will make it up in volume. I have heard from some towers that they are able to do this, but I can’t figure out how. So we took a different approach...

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The More Things Change

The More Things Change

Lots of people say that some things never change and the usual suspects for the highest / lowest and fastest / slowest paying motor clubs seem to hold true to this ‘rule’. The truth is, things do change and our industry needs to work to change them together.

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Imagine What We Can Do Together

Imagine What We Can Do Together

Working together will be the key to our success as an industry overall. For too long each operator has run their business in a vacuum without working with other operations locally, regionally and nationally. We have suffered as a result.

Imagine What We Can Do Together


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Industry News See what's happening nationwide with the towIng industry. Local and national industry news is collected here.

Sept/ October towPartners Advisor

Sept/ October towPartners Advisor The September/ October towPartners Advisor is available online. New Suppliers include Brand Company and ClearPlex. Hiring the Best and Brightest... Check out this issue.

Move Over Slow Down PSA

Move Over Slow Down PSA Allstate has sponsored a new Move Over law video to help raise awareness and money for tour industry Survivor Fund. Take a look at this amazing piece and consider a donation to support the dozens of families of the men and women killed in our industry.

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