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Clear out your shelves and drawers of old phones and help the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame Survivor Fund and Museum!

Sprint has generously offered towPartners an opportunity to do two great things:
1. Recycle your old cell phones
2. Give back to the industry by supporting the ITRHFM Survivor Fund and Museum

It is simple:
1. Drop your old cell phones in a box (They do not have to be Sprint or Nextel phones)
2. Print and attach the prepaid shipping label (it's free!)
3. Mail the box
Sprint will: 1. Open the box
2. Determine the types of phones and the current value in the program ($1 - $400)
3. Provide a monthly report and a check for the program

Sprint recognized that millions of mobile devices were ending up in landfills or were otherwise wasted in "junk" drawers. So, they developed this program as a way to repurpose or recycle these unwanted devices while providing an incentive for sending them in. Sprint strives to offer the best possible incentives while maintaining a simple, easy-to-understand program with up-front device values and program rules. Their device values are based on current need-supply and demand. These values are published online and update regularly.

Sprint repurposes or recycles all of the devices that are sent back under this program. Even when devices have no incentive value, they can still be submitted to the program in an effort to keep electronic waste out of our landfills, which helps reduce toxins in the waste stream. Sprint will donate a minimum of $1.00 for all devices received. This program is a free service which offers benefit to the Survivor Fund for hundreds of eligible wireless devices-no matter what carrier they're from.

• Sprint gives full credit regardless to the condition of the device. The device doesn't have to power on or include battery.
• Sprint does not give credit for accessories; however they will be glad to properly recycle these items.
• Sprint provides credit for over 900 SKU numbers. If the model is not included in the SKU list, they pay $1.00 per unit.
• Sprint pays for domestic shipping only. International shipping is too expensive for them to absorb the cost.
• If the monthly collection doesn't exceed $10, the money will be withheld until the total is greater than $10. This is due to the administrative cost of issuing a check.
This program uses ISO SUU1 and 14UU1 certified recycle programs, ensuring the most environmentally conscious methods of electronic waste disposal possible.

There are some unique qualifications to participate in the program and towPartners meets these requirements. In doing so, towPartners has agreed to donate 100% of the proceeds of the program to the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame Survivor Fund and Museum. Sprint is expected to report on monies earned and to provide payment on a monthly basis. These payments will be processed by towPartners in a timely manner and then paid to the ITRHFM Survivor Fund ans Museum.

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